8 days

I imagine this will be my last post until after I get back from Milwaukee/Chicago. I think I have stressed myself into an ulcer and back again in just the last few days. I am more stressed about work stuff that isn’t coming together for while I’m gone than I am about wedding stuff. But God is good and he will somehow make it work, right? Right. Otherwise I am just super excited. I got my dress on Wednesday (FINALLY!) and the Mary Kay ladies at church gave me a wedding makeover. It was really fun. They also gave me all the makeup they used. Awww… they are so cute. I have been packing since yesterday. This is an impossible trip to pack for! Andy laughed when I pulled out my biggest suitcase… but come on, I don’t want to forget anything! 🙂 He moved all of his stuff over in the last few days. It was fun trying to figure out where everything will go. We did a lot of organizing. But it is all done. I just have to get some things in the office in order and pray that it will all work out while I’m gone!


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  1. Sally

    Happy Wedding! I heard it was great and that you were very relaxed! I hope you had the time of your life! It certainly goes by quickly though, doesn’t it? You spend all this time planning one day and it’s like the fastest day of your entire life!

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