19 Days

Are you kidding? 19 days! That is so exciting that its a little terrifying! But in a good way. Its been really sad that Christmas has been kind of over shadowed by the wedding. I am trying to really celebrate Christmas and spend some reflection time around the miracle of Christmas. BUT… it has been difficult. We are having like 8 people over for Christmas day dinner. Andy’s making prime rib… mmm mmm. Cooking and opening my home for friends is a good way to kick me in the right direction.
I have so much to do before we leave for Milwaukee. YIKES! But God is good and it will work out. That has been my philosophy lately. I got my ring back from the jeweler yesterday! Its awesome… well it was always awesome but now its even more awesome. I should be getting my wedding band today. Andy just ordered his today… I hope FedEx isn’t too backed up! I get to try on my almost finished wedding dress again tomorrow. Its so exciting. I’m so glad I had it made… the suspense has been terrible but great! Otherwise I would have it already (If I had just bought one) and it wouldn’t be as exciting as this! Kali, Mom & I are going to have our hair done together on the morning of the wedding. That should be a fun time for us. Man, I am so excxited. These last couple weeks seem longer than the 6 months we’ve been engaged!
Praying for patience. 🙂



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4 responses to “19 Days

  1. Jayme

    it almost seems like the closer the day gets the longer it takes…it can be agonizing I know:) but rest assured because before you know it…it will be here and then before you know it…it will be over! enjoy each day as it comes…you’ll never have another chance;)

  2. tiapugh

    i know… i am praying that i just relax so i can really enjoy the day and savor every moment. hopefully that will happen. the whole week will be such a whirlwind… meeting family, hanging out with friends, doing fun stuff in the city… and then back home!

  3. Kortney

    Hang in there, Tia. Those last few days seem to last forever! We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  4. An old friend

    Ms. Tia,

    I am happy to see that you have found love, and I wish you all the joys that you deserve.

    Merry Christmas, and Habari Gani

    – Chief

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