26 days

Life is crazy. Christmas is coming and boy do I know it! I have been listening to Christmas tunes non-stop and enjoying how everyone is getting so geared up for the one big day. Parents are going crazy trying to find cool presents for their kids. Kids are bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I feel pretty disconnected from all of that this year. Maybe because more time has been spent planning and preparing for the wedding. Hey, that’s okay with me.

Speaking of the wedding. 26 days! We just had our first shower last week at church. It was nice. the cake was AWESOME. Red velvet, homemade, buttercream/cream cheese frosting. Mmm mmm good. We had fun. I get to see my dress today for the first time. I’m going in for my first fitting. I don’t exactly know what that means. It may not be the whole dress yet… but hopefully I can get a clearer picture in my mind. Andy & I are picking out rings tomorrow and planning the service it will be good to get it done. All the details are the fun part but not when you leave them for the last minute. Ahh well.

I have exams this week. Long evenings. Boo. But then it will be over and I can get ready for Christmas and the wedding! YAY! I am so excited to see friends and family for the wedding.

Things I am looking forward to about the week of the wedding:

  • Seeing Kali and going thrift store shopping for old times sake
  • Alterra By the Lake
  • Celebrating all over town
  • Seeing family & friends that I haven’t seen in a while
  • Introducing “back home” friends to college friends to AK friends
  • Introducing Andy to EVERYONE
  • Meeting Andy’s family (esp. Dad, Hailey & Aaron)
  • Pre-Wedding Extravaganza on Thursday night
  • Hearing Sarah & Jaunelle sing and Angie & Chris play at the ceremony
  • Wearing my dress and looking like a princess
  • Making the biggest committment of my life with all of my friends & family there (!)
  • Dancing my feet off at the reception
  • Singing karaoke maybe (PLEASE… someone else sing with me!)
  • Being able to run away to Chicago with Andy and (gasp!) finally be able to share a room!
  • Being able to surprise Andy with plans in Chicago (mwahh ha ha)

Lots to look forward to! Can’t wait!



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3 responses to “26 days

  1. Kali

    you really are getting married! Before it was just this far away idea, but it is really starting to come together. I am so excited for you!
    I can’t wait to see you!
    Oh, and are flying into Chicago or Milwaukee?

  2. Jayme

    Your hair is so long!!!! I love it:)I’ll keep you guys in my prayers as the day gets closer!! I love and miss you tons…

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