39 days


39 days and I will be married.

That is a very bizarre thought all of a sudden. I am pretty sure I will be figuring a lot of stuff out at the beginning. For instance… where is Andy going to put all of his stuff? (He brought over a lot of his kitchen stuff on Thanksgiving. It was pretty fun to go through it all and then pack up a huge box of my stuff to send off to Value Village. It was like downloading an upgrade.) But who will wash dishes? Who cleans the bathroom? Who pays which bills? Do I have to call him when I’ll be home late from work? Which side of the bed do I get to sleep on? Will his snoring rid me of sleep forever? Do I really have to take the last name Pugh? What kind of family traditions will we have?

Oye. I am super excited. I just hope I’m prepared. I hope that I can be an excellent wife. That sounds like a weird thing to say but nevertheless true. I talked with Andy’s mom last night. She is planning the rehearsal dinner. It might be nicer than the whole reception. It will be the first time I meet Andy’s dad & siblings. Yikes. I think it will be fun. Hopefully we can all break the ice and have a good time. I’m going in for my final “measurments” for my dress. It will be made next week. I am excited to finally see it. We’re having a big shower at church this Sunday. It should be fun. Andy is worried that its going to be “too big of a deal” but of course it will be! It’s our wedding and people around here are super excited.

39 days until (as Kiana said) W day… AND… 27 days until Christmas. Excellent.



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3 responses to “39 days

  1. garfodie81

    At least you’ll know who the people are at your shower. I had NO IDEA who ANYONE was at my bridal shower, it was thrown by ladies at Joel’s church and I had only been here a month. There’s nothing like being surrounded by 50 (yes FIFTY) women and trying to figure out who was the one that gave you the cookie sheets amidst a sea of strangers. I just realized I probably still can’t put half of their names and faces together — oops! 😉

  2. Jayme

    You are going to be an amazing wife! Slow down take a deep breath and enjoy these days leading up to the wedding…it won’t ever happen again. And as for the details of married life…it’s stressful, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s everything all at once. Some things you won’t care about, some things will just fall into place, and others you will have to trudge through, but none the less God is faithful through it all and He has brought the two of you together!!! P.S.- you get used to the snoring for the most part and now all I have to do if I do wake up to it is shake him and say “Kobi, roll over@!” and he does…and he stops snoring long enough for me to fall back asleep! Ha! Fun times being married:)

    Love ya and you’re going to be great!!! – Jayme

  3. Lindsey

    Yes, I am coming to the wedding…didn’t you get my little card?

    it is so close! Let me know if you need help with anything. I think I’ll be leaving here around 1 on Thursday…so 7ish for my ETA.

    I’m so excited to see you!

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