Turkey: A delicious bird or a Country in the Middle East?

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment this year. I am DEEP FRYING a turkey. This could be dangerous, people. But it will be delicious in the end. I am also making purple smashed potatoes. It should be a great day. I think we’ll call it Misfit Thanksgiving this year. Not because we will be teenage rebels in a punk band, but because it is going to be a hodgepodge of guests. I think that will make it fun.

Things around here have been fun… ministry is going well. I’ve had lots of encouragement lately and I guess I needed that. Wedding plans are moving along very smoothly. Hardly any stress. My dress just got started and that is super exciting. I can’t wait to see it. I hope Andy’s & my family can get together sometime during that week before the rehearsal dinner. I think that will cut some of the tension. I can’t wait to get into the city. It will be awesome. We might go down to IKEA and get some furniture to ship up here. That will be awesome. Not that we really need any furniture… but their stuff is so nice.

So I was thinking the other day about my life’s soundtrack and I think if I could hire one band to make the soundtrack of my life it would be Weezer. I’m not entirely sure why… but it would probably be a good soundtrack. I would buy it.

Alright this post is going nowhere fast.



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4 responses to “Turkey: A delicious bird or a Country in the Middle East?

  1. Kali

    i think i would agree with the soundtrack thing. I would like them to do mine as well. It would be them or maybe Five Iron Frenzy, just because they are fun.

  2. Jon Hohle

    What about a “Delicious Country in the middle East”?

    As I always say, “I’m Hungary for Turkey and Chile!”

  3. Lindsey

    If I could pick a soundtrack band it would be a mix between Dispatch and David Crowder Band. oooh and maybe a little Frank Sinatra for the swanky parts!

  4. tiapugh

    i dont think my life has any swanky parts yet. but maybe it will someday. i sent in the stuff for the DJ to play at the wedding and i made sure some frank songs would be played.

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