60 Days = Two Months

The wedding is only two months away! Incredible. I can’t really believe it. It still seems kind of surreal, but in a good way. My dress is still just a bag full of material. I’m hoping it will get started soon. We have our first premarital counseling session on Thursday. I’m actually looking forward to it, I hope its helpful and not a waste of time. Lots to do still, but its all so exciting. I don’t think I’m actually stressed out yet. I think it will be just fine. I’m more nervous about our families meeting. It should be interesting to say the least.

Andy & I are looking for a new apartment. The plan all along has been for him to move into my apartment after the wedding, however, I think we’d like something cheaper. I am not too excited about moving into a danky apartment… but I guess I’ll survive. So we’re on an apartment search.

Things at work have been great. I have almost all the teachers in place that I need (which is a huge turnaround from 2 weeks ago). This week we’re having a big youth fund-raiser– the 2nd annual Crab Dinner & Silent Auction. So that will be a huge deal for the week. I have to make sure the crab will be here in time…

The Sportsman’s Wearhouse opened last week… WOW… It might be my new favorite place. So cheap. I am excited. I hear Old Navy will be open by the end of this week. PetCo, Barnes&Noble, and Chili’s should be opened by next month. My little town is growing up! (tear).


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2 responses to “60 Days = Two Months

  1. Jayme

    I got your invitation today!!!!! How excited are you!!!? I remember mailing out our invitations…not an easy or very fun process…I recall a frantic phone call to my maid of honor who calmed me down then came over to help me address and get them out! Thank God for friends and for grace:)

  2. tiapugh

    we had this computer program that printed everything… that was SO helpful. And we made the invitations ourselves… it wasnt too bad. (but i bet we had way less to send).

    we got 5 cards back already! its so exciting!

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