This week has been amazing. incredible. humbling. I have an entirely different attitude about ministry and life. 180 degree turn around… and now in the right direction. My devotional life is significantly better (but I still need encouragement and the occasional kick in the bum).

The wedding is coming so soon! 66 days! I am so excited! I am also starting to stress just a bit because it IS coming so soon. WOW. Lots to do. I think its more excitement than stress…. but maybe a hint of stress. I still need to call the DJ (who is doing karaoke too!), have my dress made(!), and get gifts for all the great people helping. Andy & I are putting together the invitations this week. Hopefully we can get them in the mail Saturday or Monday. !!!

Then we have marriage counseling. I am actually looking forward to it. It should be a great way to get us talking about anything we haven’t already. I’m not sure that we’ve missed anything… but it will be great to do some good reflecting on our relationship & how we will be as a married couple.

Okay… I have work to do! Its dark too much these days. I need more caffeine and sugar. (yeah right!).



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3 responses to “Incredible.

  1. Lindsey

    I can come, I can come…
    if you need to put me to work feel free. I’ll be driving out on Friday probably…and I’ll drive to Kopps for pre-wedding food for you and the wedding party!….it was is way YUMMMY

  2. Jayme

    Tia!!! That countdown is the best thing I have seen in my life!!!! It made me laugh out loud:) You’re the best and if you need to destress at anytime in the next days ahead…call me…I know the pain:)

  3. tiapugh

    i thought the countdown was a little ridiculous… but aren’t weddings pretty ridiculous. YES. So it works.

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