Back in action…

My new car is awesome! Its so good to turn the key and know that it will start. I’m loving it! I come up with reasons to drive (even when totally unnecessary) . Its been fun. The drive back from Anchorage was incredible. Beautiful blue skies, Denali was amazing. The best view ever. Then I get back home to SNOW. Rarrr. And this time its not going away.

Andy & I had to change our reception site. No SafeHouse. Sad. They were jerks and didn’t tell me that they were going to break up the group into three rooms. Stupid. So… it will be at the Quilted Bear. Nice place… thanks Melissa for all the help!

Some scary things have happened lately out of nowhere… making me a little uneasy… but I think overall it will be okay. God is good. Life is chugging along at its normal super-speed pace. Andy keeps talking about building a house. Sheesh. There is too much on my plate already! But designing a house would be fun…

And I am feeling really called to be a foster parent. (Not anytime soon… but someday). So please pray about that. I need to do more research (Andy & I need to talk about it more)… but its something that has always been in the back of my mind. YIKES.

I just worked in the infant room at Open Arms and I smell like baby… but not in that “Awww so cute” kind of way. More like… “PHEW! You stink!” So I’m off to get de-toxed.


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