New is the word of the week.

New car. I am buying a new car next week. It’s a Kia Spectra (don’t laugh!). It’s affordable and it has a fantastic warranty (10 year, 10K mile). I’ll be down in Anchorage on Sunday for a pastor’s conference and while I’m there I’m buying a car! Whoo hoo! I am glad to be getting rid of my old one. Not sure what will happen to it just yet. I’ll probably try to sell it for parts.

New me. I would just like to announce that as part of the “Zion Weight Loss Challenge” I am 12 pounds lighter. Hopefully I can stay on this track.

New ideas. At work I am getting excited for all kinds of new ministries that people are presenting. I pray that the ministries here are effective in reaching the community of Fairbanks.

New appointments. Andy & I need to start premarital counseling soon. I have been putting it off for a while. We don’t want to do it with our pastors here because I work with them. Pastor K said he could get us a referral for Samaritan Counseling center… hopefully insurance will pay for it then. 🙂

I think thats all that’s new. Exciting stuff!

96 days!



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4 responses to “new

  1. Derek

    Do you know if there is some kind of premarital program you’re using – Prepare & Enrich, Zoe, something like that?

    Looking forward to seeing ya… and I’ll actually get a shot of “real” winter this year after all!

  2. tiapugh

    i dont know if we are going to use a certain program

    pastor k suggested to me today that we think about asking another lutheran pastor in fbks to do the counseling.

    we’ll have to talk about it.

  3. Lindsey

    Interesting…premarital with your boss. Yeah, not sure if I would want to talk sex and finances with my boss the pastor! 🙂
    by the way WAY TO GO girl on the weight loss challenge. You rock my face off. As Jayme would say “get on with your weight losin’ self”!


  4. teejaygee

    Well well well Ms. Williams.
    I am very happy to see that you are
    very happy. Good luck on the
    nuptials. You have been missed.

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