The wedding is really happening. Andy & I bought our airfare the other day. We will actually be able to attend our own wedding now. HURRAY! And the “save the date” postcards went out in the mail. So it has to happen now, everyone knows about it. Hehehe. I am really looking forward to it… 108 days!



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4 responses to “Reality

  1. Kali

    You are such a nerd!

  2. Lindsey

    May I say that from one nerd to another. I loved the postcard, but your faces were rubbed off and there was a big water stain over your hand…where I assume there was a beautiful ring…
    I think I need a new picture. send it to me?

  3. tiapugh

    i will send it. sorry about that! And we did NOT pose for the picture– that was the actual proposal– not everyone knew that. we should have put a note on it to explain.

  4. Lindsey

    i love it. I think that it is awesome when the proposer thinks ahead enough to have a photographer present at the moment of engagement.

    Ohhh….secret….Seth’s engaged to Emily Naumann!!!! It happened on Saturday!

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