I am breathing a big sigh of relief today. God is good. I had a meeting with on of my pastors today about things going on at Zion and I thought it was going to be terrible, but it was good. I also had a talk with a guy named Matthew today. He wants to talk with our youth about purity in Christ and all that jazz. We talked (he, PJ & I) for about an hour and a half. I really like getting together with other kinds of Christians. It was such a great conversation (well, he did most of the talking) because I became so painfully aware of the drastic differences between his experience with God and mine. In some ways it was motivational and inspirational for me, and in other ways it just made me thankful that God reaches each of us in a different way.

So today I am encouraged. I’ve really been feeling an emptyness in my devotional life lately and I have found a renewed energy and determination to get it moving in full force again. PLEASE hold me to that! Ask me about it! I need the encouragement and sometimes a swift kick in the pants!

OH YEAH! And I have two very funny stories.

Story #1: I had my first consultation for my wedding dress. I’m having the dress made by a woman in my congregation. On Monday I was supposed to have an appointment with her at her house. Well, my car is broken (again) and I asked if she could meet me at Zion. Well we talk about fabrics and I show her the pattern I picked out. We talk about details and pricing. I think we are about ready to go… and then she says “Why don’t we take your measurements?” Ok… no problem. Then she closes the curtains in my office and covers the window on the door. Hmm…
She says we should measure with just my underwear on. Well, to my horror, I am wearing a pair of cotton underwear from circa 1999 that are almost see-through and with a small hole. Lord have mercy! I was so embarassed. But at least its over with! (and I tell this story to some ladies in the office and they say I need a lingerie shower– kill me now).

Story #2: After youth group last night I went over to Andy’s house and we did homework and watched TV. I drove home at like 11:15 and as I pull up to my door I realize that my porch light is on… strange. I also notice that my (broken) car is covered in toliet paper and so is my entryway. COVERED. I go inside the entryway and there is a pink leopard print sash that says “Bride-to-Be” and an envelope with newspaper cut out (ransom letter style) letters “T.P.”
Inside is a card with the same kind of letters that reads:

“Dear T.P.-to-Be, We TP-ed your house. HA HA HA
Signed, Cassie, Sarah & Mary”

Thanks girls. I am looking forward to taking on this last name more than ever.

I love youth ministry.



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3 responses to “Ahhhhhh…

  1. Kali

    I am glad that you are feeling better about things concerning Zion. I was worried about you for a while.
    Remember when mom and dad tp-ed all your friends cars right before graduation or whatever? That was funny!

  2. Jon Hohle

    yeah, its definitely good to hear things are going better. life is quite a roller coaster at times. unfortunately, you don’t always know if its going to stay on what you think the track is, fortunately, it will always stay on God’s track.

    hope wedding planning isn’t stressful yet. don’t let it be. its supposed to be fun, so tell anyone who makes it no fun to suck an egg!

  3. tiapugh

    wedding plans are way fun. i am not stressed at all. maybe just a little when i think about how we’re going to pay for it all. but mostly no stress.

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