Please keep the victims of hurricane Katrina in your prayers. I have been reading in horror the reports of devastation that the people of the southern states are dealing with. Their lives won’t be back to normal for quite some time. The Lutheran high school in New Orleans was destroyed and the principal announced today that the teachers should start looking for new jobs. And that is just one small community of people affected. Recovery looks like it will be slow and chaotic. Prayer and support are needed. I pray that Christians can provide loving support and community for those who need it.


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3 responses to “Katrina

  1. Jon Hohle

    My step-mom’s sister and mother had to leave and their home was destroyed, covered in water up to the roof. Even after they pump out all the water, there is so much infrastructure (like the 7-mile bridge over lake Pontchatrain) that will have to be rebuilt. It’s a very trying time for people down there.

  2. Sally

    The planning committee for the National Youth Gathering was in New Orleans and about 16 of them were forced to ride out the storm. I haven’t heard at all about how any of them are doing. Here’s the list of people I found out were left there:
    Susan Steege
    Mark Kiessling
    Jim Lohman
    Cheri Selander
    Maria Brovick
    Les Schmidt
    Linda Lohmeyer
    Bill Wrede
    Pat Sebastian
    Natalie Sobol
    Derek Broten
    Signe Williams
    Bobby Bergeron

  3. Anonymous

    Derek here…

    Absolutely… hard to believe the devestation, it’s like nothing else that has ever happened in the United States, as far as natural disasters go. People in Orlando are breathing a sigh of relief, while also feeling very compelled to help out, being that three hurricanes went through here last year, albeit with not even close to the amount of devestation that hit Louisiana and Mississippi.

    By the way, all the folks in New Orleans for the YG have gotten out safe. Some of the people on Sally’s list were able to get out at the last minute, others were left in a hotel to wait out the storm and have since been safely evacuated to Trinity in Baton Rouge. The DCE at my vicarage congregation was almost left behind as well at the YG meeting, she was on one of the very last flights out of the city.

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