So much excitement…

I am sick. I have a spectacular cold. Rarr. My voice is scratchy and my nose is stuffy. My body is achey. Booo…

BUT… there has been so much excitement!

1. Wednesday Nights started back up this week. Youth groups and dinner… a great time overall. Despite my cold, I had a great time and got to meet a couple new kids.
2. A kid in our youth ministry who’s been coming pretty regularly for about a year finally became a committed Christian. He told about his experiences in front of the rest of the kids last week. Praise God for that! Keep him in your prayers as he grows in his newfound faith!
3. Sunday school is starting this week– and I need prayers for this. I am ALMOST ready. I need to make some phone calls and enlist some last minute help, but I think it will work.
4. Confirmation retreat tomorrow. 50 7-8th graders. Need I say more?

Fall is upon us up here. The weather is definately cooling down and the leaves are already starting to change. Andy and I are hoping to spend Labor Day in Denali Park doing some hiking. We’ll see how it goes.

PS… 135 DAYS !


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