Its been a long time coming

Sorry for the lack of updating. I am a true blog-slacker.

This summer has flown by. I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done, but I know that I have been busy. I went camping in Denali with some youth and it was AMAZING. God did some incredible things there and I am thankful for that. I have been getting ready for the school year with a new Sunday school program and I am SO excited for that to get rolling. I think it will be lots of fun for kids and adults. But change is always hard to bring about in the church. I have been having some career choice questions as of lately.

Andy & I were watching the show “The Restaurant” a couple weeks ago and he said that waitresses at restaurants like that make like $65K a year. I said… “Hmm… I could make more $ and I feel like I would be doing more ministry.” That’s really how I’ve been feeling. Like what I do doesn’t matter, or doesn’t impact people as much as I’d like it to. Anyhow… I’ve curbed my urge to just leave by giving up one of my days off to working as a pre-school teacher at our child development center. That has helped me to realize that I have unlimited possibilities to what I can do, but maybe not right now. So I’m going to stick it out for a while. I don’t think God is done with me yet in this place. Prayers on this would be nice. 🙂

On to more fun things… the wedding is coming together nicely. I think it is going to be a really fun time. Ceremony at Covenant, reception at the SafeHouse, bbq ribs and chicken for dinner, overall just a good time. I found my dress– or at least the pattern that I want. I am researching seamstresses in town that would be good. Exciting stuff.

Andy & I and many people from Zion’s & Open Arms’ staff are in on the ZIon Weight Loss Challenge. We all put in 5,000 airline miles and we have 12 weeks to loss the most weight. Andy and I are hoping to win because we could use the miles to actually attend our wedding. 🙂 So we’ll see how it all goes. Being a little smaller for my wedding sounds like a good idea.

Not much else is going on. Its hot and dangerously smokey up here. I’m ready for some real fall weather.



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2 responses to “Its been a long time coming

  1. Sally

    So, if my memory serves me correctly, you did your fieldwork at King of Kings. Well, I’m working there part-time now as the youth director. I wanted to let you know that there is this 8th grader there that reminds me of you. He has the same grin as you do! Crazy!

  2. tiapugh

    Thats awesome. I’m glad they are getting good staff. Praise God! I think you will be great with those kids. When I was there they had a cool group… I hope the younger ones are just as fun.

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