Summer… where is it going?

Where has the time gone? I can’t even believe this last weekend was the fourth of July. Holy cats! Where has the summer gone? Summer is so elusive. We get all excited, make plans, have big dreams… and before we know it– its gone. More dreaming for next year.

My summer has been good thus far. I have been busy busy. VBS is next week and I’m nervous. I know that God is faithful and that things will fall together. But I am still nervous. We’re having a youth BBQ tomorrow night. That will be fun. I am looking forward to just some good old-fashioned hang-out time with them.

It looks like my almost new car will be here in September. That is real exciting. I can’t wait to smash up the old one. Just kidding… I won’t do that. I am just looking forward to having a reliable car. I might even be able to take trips to Anchorage every once in a while.

6 months till the wedding! Man, I am so excited. I am sort of excited for the wedding– but REALLY excited to be married. We registered online yesterday and that was fun (and kind of exhausting). Everything is so expensive though! Sheesh. We registered at Younkers (Boston Store) and Bed, Bath & Beyond. We’ll be adding more stuff sometime but check them out if you like.

Back to work– lots to do!


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