What’s shakin’?

I do not want this to be a blog about wedding plans. I repeat: I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE A BLOG ABOUT WEDDING PLANS.

But I do have a couple of updates and some things do include wedding plans. If I cross the 50% mark please let me know.

Summer in Fairbanks is busier than ever. I feel like this is the only church on the planet (at least Lutheran church) that keeps so busy in the summer. Its fun though. VBS is coming up too quickly and I’m praying that it will all come together. The weather has been great (except yesterday it was pretty smokey). We went camping with the high school youth this weekend and it was a blast. There were only a few kids though and that was sad. I want to get more of our “visiting” kids to get into youth events that aren’t just on Wednesday. I’ll take any suggestions…

Wedding planning has been crazy for the first week. I think this has been the most stressful part: picking where and when to get married & have a recpetion or two. But I think its about tacked down. I think we’re going with January 7th (2006) in Milwaukee. We are looking into having a reception there at the SafeHouse. Its a very fun place (if you dont already know that). Then we would have a reception up here afterwards. It will be fun, I’m way excited. As long as we stick with this day and place I am not worried. It should be smooth sailing. I am praising God for two moms that are pretty hands-off. šŸ™‚

Well I have some intense VBS work to do. Oh yeah… I got a kuspuk from a friend in Savoonga! It’s so awesome! I think I might wear it tomorrow. We’ll see.


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