it happened… it wasn’t a joke after all

I’m getting married!

It really did happen. Last night Andy proposed. Its a good story: We were at bible study with 4 of our friends. We were procrastinating and eating pie and ice cream (good bible study, huh?). We were all talking and having a good time. Our friend Mike got a new camara and was snapping pictures of everything and everyone. Andy says “take a picture of Tia & I” So he puts his arm around me and I smile for the camara thinking “man, he’s being weird”. I keep smiling. The picture is still not being taken. Everyone is just staring. So I look down and Andy is holding the ring. So he asks me to marry him. And of course i said yes. Then we all went bowling.

Its not quite fairy tale material… but it was just perfect for me. 🙂 So we are working on dates and stuff… we had thought about May 06… but thats SO far away!!! I’m trying to work out something else.

Well… I have to get to work, I’ve been day-dreaming all morning!




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3 responses to “it happened… it wasn’t a joke after all

  1. Kali

    Mr. and Mrs. Wallinger say congratulations and Mrs. Wallinger said she would tell all the people in the file room at M&I. Mr. Wallinger said that Andy would be adding on 2 dads (him and of course our dad) so he better be prepared. Also, Mrs. Wallinger said that she would only allow you guys to get married in AK if you had a reception or something in Milwaukee. She really wants to be able to congratulate you in person.
    Okay that’s all i got.
    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys, but it is weird to think that you are getting married.
    And no being a crazy bride on me, i won’t allow it!

  2. Sally

    Congratulations!!! Glad to hear that the proposal has finally come! May God bless all of your planning and your life together!

  3. garfodie81

    One tiny piece of advice:
    Don’t let people pressure you to know details right away! This way, you can enjoy your engagement and ward off the insanity for just a little while! 🙂

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