crafty mcgee

Okay… so i didn’t think it would ever go this far. i think i might be in over my head. it started off small. a little here. a little there. now its full blown out-of-control.

i have a problem.

Would you like to know what i did on my days off this week? i crafted. i knitted, i painted, i sanded, i glued, i beaded, i sewed. i read better homes & gardens from cover to cover.

this is not funny.

in the end i wound up with some cool stuff for my apartment– but at what cost? my youth? my vitality? it was like a quilting circle crossed with a frat party; scraps of fabric and paper everywhere, glue all over the table, scissors and tools strewn about. cups of coffee scattered about the apartment. what will be next?

alright… i think my dramatic moment is over. i did craft my little butt off this weekend… but it was fun and i made a scarf, a bag for my yoga mat, and a hanging lamp for my kitchen (and maybe a trial invitation or two). but i feel a little old because of my boring hobbies. ehh… i guess there’s a time for everything.

oh yeah… and i tried making homemade pretzels (the soft kind) and that was… interesting. I think this will be one of those things where practice makes perfect.

i’m volunteering as security (ha) for the Jeremy Camp concert tonight… can’t wait. more details later.


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