There are FIVE people out there that now about Andy’s proposal plan (you know who you are). Not just know about it… but they know what it is. They know what will happen and maybe even when it will happen! And they know that I know that they know. EVEN WORSE! Its really just a sick form of torture. Andy and I will need lots of premarital counseling because of this. 🙂

Its all pretty exciting. Who would have thought that one stupid (maybe not so stupid) question would cause all this hoopla. Rarr.

I am now trying to look into universities that will offer the last few classes I need to finish school. It’s becoming trickier than I imagined. Yikes. I just want to get it over with.

OOh… exciting news… my grandma was cleared of all cancer in her lungs! The tumors in her bladder and liver have been reduced by 2/3 and she gets a two week break from chemo! God is so good! I can’t believe that in April she was given 6 months to live. Things are looking really good. God has really been working miracles for her and our family. So big praise for that. Thanks for all who’ve been praying for our family.

Other exciting news: Jeremy Camp is playing this Saturday and our youth & young adult groups have been asked to work security and parking… so we get in for FREE. Right on.

Okay… back to work.


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6 responses to “FIVE PEOPLE

  1. Kortney


    That’s so exciting. Jon hadn’t told me Andy was getting ready to propose. I will be praying for you guys (and for patience). 😉 I know it was KILLING me not knowing exactly when Jon was going to propose to me, and it turns out EVERYONE knew but me, of course, of the exact day.

    Whenever it happens, I can guarantee it will be so special. The whole time Jon was proposing I kept thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening to me right now. I am so lucky! Woo hoo!”

    Can’t wait to see you in July!


  2. tiapugh

    ha… thats hilarious. yeah i was one of those jerks that knew everything too. i think its worse when i know that everyone knows! 🙂 but its actually pretty fun. andy might be getting sick of me bugging him… but i’m sure he’ll deal with it.

    thanks for your prayers!

  3. garfodie81

    At least you have some notion of surprise. Since we were long distance, anytime I actually SAW Joel could have been “it.” Hence everyone betting when it would be and you being the winner, hehe.


  4. tiapugh

    but now every time i see andy is sort of a dissappointment (i mean not really… but you know what i mean).

  5. tiapugh

    BTW i think its funny, krissa, that your picture and my picture are both from your wedding. ha.

  6. garfodie81

    The only other digital pictures I have are of the kitty and Joel’s before and after landscaping pictures. I thought using those might be somewhat confusing. 🙂

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