I went fishing… just for the halibut.

Fishing in Homer was good. I got the biggest fish on our boat. It wasn’t really big though. It was about 30 lbs. I was pretty proud. Then I saw someone on the docks with a 185 lb. fish. Rarr. Ego deflated. 🙂 Ahh well. It was just my first time. I loved Homer. It was beautiful. I’d like to really vacation there sometime. The conference part of the week was a little disappointing. The speaker was from Ft. Wayne and he was not what i was hoping for. I like a speaker at a conference to give me practial knowledge… stuff i can USE.

Anyhow… being back in town has been good. This Sunday was insane, but still a good time. I have a lot of things coming up, but they are pretty exciting. God has really been encouraging me the past few days. I was really in a funk for a while. I’m glad to be back and feeling great about ministry. God has blessed me with too many amazing people to count. I just was too preoccupied with myself to see it. Phew… I’m glad that’s over (for now).

I am reading The Emerging Church by Dan Kimball. I absolutely recommend it to any Christian. There is no excuse for the church to not continue adapting to the culture. I’ve just started the book, but I am already inspired by the insight & new images that Kimball presents about the emerging church.


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