Nostalgia… over

nos·tal·gi·a n.

  1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
  2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.

My nostalgia while being in Milwaukee was over just as quickly as it came on. Staying with my parents for 10 days was… TOO MUCH. Too much drama, too much headache, too much parenting. Yikes. So, needless to say, I am glad to be back in my own life. These few days have been so busy I can’t even believe it! I am really looking forward to a day off tomorrow, even after all that “vacation” time. Today was kindergarten graduation… which I’m not sure that I believe in, but it was so stinkin cute! They had little caps and gowns! It was awesome. Add to that a big balloon arch, loads of cake and ice cream and you have the best party ever!

Andy and I went to go look at a house the other night. That was really exciting. The plan was that I would rent the house (with a roommate) for a while until he and I actually get married… but we found out that it would really be unreasonable for us. However… this did not stop me from falling in love with the house. We’ve decided that we probably won’t buy a house while we’re in Fairbanks. We are both not planning on staying here ultra long term… so we don’t want to get stuck with a house that ends up being uable to be sold (because of the crazy economy in Fairbanks).

Tomorrow I might be heading out to Harding Lake to check out camping spots for the youth group. That could be a fun trip… oh yeah… and my car died. This is a classic story… I made an appointment to have my car taken in on Monday (this coming week) because it needs some work. I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and it dies in the parking lot. Rarr. So stupid. I will be going back today to try and get it going… hopefully so I can at least get it to the mechanic.

Then on Tuesday I will be driving down to Homer (all 10 hours) to go to the annual pastor’s conference. I was told to bring my fishing gear and $ for bait. I bet we’ll get a lot done. Riiight.

That’s all for now… I hope.

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