Everyone’s growing up so fast…

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It wasn’t quite as aweful as I had imagined… but it wasn’t really fun either. My friend Melissa and I had custard last night. I hadn’t seen her in a while. It was so good to just chat about life. I’m really excited for her because she’s working on her master’s and really loving what she’s doing. The way she described her work was so incredible because you can just see her passion. It was so amazing. All I could keep thinking was… wow… we used to pass notes in english class. Its really weird to see your friends from high school growing up and become real adults. Jon is getting married, Jeremy is going off to work for ESPN this summer, Angie just graduated, Chris is in Pennsylvania… I’m in Alaska. Man… growing up kinda sucks. Its exciting, but too bad we can’t just be the same old fools like before. I feel like the weird uncle from Napoleon Dynamite… re-living the glory days of high school over and over. Well, maybe not. Just a touch of nostalgia. Being in Milwaukee does that to me.

Kali and I are going to our favorite places in Milwaukee today. I’m going to try and get to the art museum on Friday for the Arts & Crafts Movement exhibit.


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