In Brewtown for a day or ten

It’s really been a while. Sorry. I was reading a joke about how blogs are always meaningless and are never updated. It reminded me to post. Oops.

So I’m back in Milwaukee visiting the family for 10 days. Its going okay. Actually… they are making me crazy. I am mostly glad to be here especially after my grandma was diagnosed. But… they have heard that Andy and I are talking about getting married and suddenly there is all kinds of drama. We want to get married in AK, but the family thinks we should get married in WI. I just don’t know where to draw the line. Poor Andy thinks I’m just insane. He’s right. I am.

I always imagined my wedding to be all of my friends and family. In this awesome place where we could just have a relaxing time, visiting, eating good food and enjoying good drinks. Well… now it’s changed a little. I would love to get married in AK. Zion means a lot to Andy and I. It seems silly to have our wedding anywhere else. I guess I would like to have my reception in Milwaukee so friends and family could celebrate. Can you do that? Maybe we will have to break all rules of wedding etiquette (gag) and make our own rules. OH yeah… and maybe Andy should propose before any of this.

I vowed that I would not plan my wedding before I was really engaged… but it gets a little tricky when you have already talked about it.

Anyhow… more posting will probably happen this week since I have loads of free time.



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4 responses to “In Brewtown for a day or ten

  1. Sally

    Tia – I just wanted to let you know that traditions, when it comes to weddings, can be broken. Zach and I had our wedding in Idaho, but most of my family couldn’t make it so we had another reception in Wisconsin. I think my family loved it because they didn’t have to get dressed up, but were able to enjoy lots of food, beer, conversation, and volleyball. Just don’t let anyone guilt you into doing something you don’t want. Getting married is about the vow that you are making to one another and then you get to celebrate with everyone! Get married where you want and then plan parties with those you love.

  2. tiapugh

    Hey… thanks girl. I really appreciate the advice. I think thats what we are going to do… get married in AK with reception in WI.

    ps… are you going anywhere after graduation? a call? something exciting? vacation in the bahamas? 🙂

  3. Sally

    Still looking for a call yet…kind of frustrating because most of the churches are moving slowly through the whole process so barely anyone has a call yet. Zach and I are going out west to Idaho and Washington this summer though. We’re going to Camp Perkins and visit his family and visit some scenic locations as well. We’re driving all of it so it’ll take about 3 weeks. Zach has begun full-time job at Concordia now so we’re staying put around here. With Thad leaving, I might end up with a part-time job in the DCE department to help with the transition. It’s all up in the air so I’m just working in the library basement yet until it gets all figured out.

  4. Krissa

    4 words of advice: Do what YOU want! And by YOU, I mean you and Andy. Or just you. Hehe.

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