tough times

i just realized that i have never had anyone close to me die. so now i am feeling very ill-equipped to deal with life. i found out yesterday that my grandma has cancer. cancer sure seems to be hitting my family pretty hard. her cancer is in her bladder, kidneys, and liver. its very progressive and was caught late. it doesn’t look good. i just talked to her on thursday and she said she came home from her vacation because she thought she had a bladder infection. she didn’t mention that her doctor ordered her to come home. friday she went in for tests and was rushed to emergency surgery where the doctors removed part of a tumor in her bladder. in two days she’ll start chemo.

she was water skiing 6 weeks ago.

this is really turning my family upside down. grandma is the center of our family. she’s like the glue. i really can’t imagine what our family would be like without her. i have these fantastic memories from when she lived on the farm. kali, my cousins & i would have the best new year’s eve parties there. she would let us get those confetti poppers (never allowed at home) and the paper streamers that give you paper cuts. we could make all the noise we wanted. we always made a fantastic mess and we didnt have to clean it up until morning. and she isn’t the stereotypical grandma who would spoil you rotten and send you back to your parents. beware of the wrath of this woman. she’s tough.

i know i’m getting ahead of things… there’s hope. but it doesn’t look good. i’m planning to get home in may. hopefully she and i can have some good talks. i’m not sure where she is spiritually. this is maybe the hardest part. i’m hoping and praying that is will be something that can impact my family & be an opportunity where they can turn to the Lord.

so keep us in your prayers

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  1. Kali

    i know exactly what you mean.

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