What a weekend…

This is a quick post before I am off and running again…

This weekend was the All Alaska Youth Gathering down in Palmer. It was a BLAST. The programming was questionable… but more on that later. The bonding experience and quality time were, however, invaluable. It was great. We have some kids who are really hurting. It was good to just be there for them. But we did a lot of playing in the snow and being crazy… which was fun. My birthday was Saturday and the kids got the band (lost & found) to sing to me. I also got a “happy birthday” snowball launch. About 40 kids gathered around me and pelted me! I have bruises!!!

But it was a great time. Andy promised me a kitten for my birthday (when I’m done with all this traveling this month). I have yet to convince my landlords. Yikes.

I’m off to Savoonga tomorrow. It’s going to be an exciting trip. I’m nervous that I don’t have it all together… so that’s why this post is quick.

More when I get back…


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One response to “What a weekend…

  1. Kali

    I hope you do get a kitten for your birthday. If i could, i would send you one. but i don’t think you’d want a kitten that has gone through the mail, it might not make it there safely.
    I’m glad the all alaska youth gathering went well. Thad was asking about you today. I told him all of your travel plans. Then he proceeded to call me tia for the next 10 minutes. So note to self: don’t talk to thad about tia if i want him to call me by my correct name afterwards. (just kidding)
    I miss you tons!
    I hope Savoonga is way fun and a great ministry experience!

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