busy busy busy

It has been a crazy week! I have lots to do, but its been really good. I think I’m finding my “groove”. Whatever that means. I’m feeling like I finally know what I’m doing…. well… sorta. I played Mary and Martha in chapel today. That was fun. Martha wears a pink wig (in case you were wondering). I’m getting prepared for youth bible study tonight. I really want to start some apologetics… but I’m having a hard time getting the kids engaged at all. YIKES. Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

I have been busy working on the new zionYOUTH webpage… its really just a blog… but I’m pretty proud of it. Its kind of ugly… but I’ll keep working on it. Check it out.

Well… thats all. Back to work for me.



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2 responses to “busy busy busy

  1. Jon Hohle

    please fix that site! it hurts the eyes! j/k! i hope it really gets your kids involved!

  2. tiapugh

    ok… its not THAT ugly.

    at least its not green…

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