March… what a great month

March is ranked #2 on the “Tia’s Favorite Months” scale, only to be followed by September (simply for the weather)

I was just updating my palm… and I am really stinkin excited about the entire month of March. Not only does my favorite church season continue in March, but it also includes my birthday. Also, I will be doing a fair amount of traveling (especially for this girl). The weekend of my birthday I am driving 11 (maybe 13) high school kids down to Palmer for the All Alaska Youth Gathering at Victory Bible Camp. This place rocks. Its right in the mountains, the camp is fantastic. I love it. Lost and Found will be playing the gathering… a little dated… but should still be good. Then I have one day back home then I will be whisked off to Savoonga. No, there are no spelling errors. Savoonga is an Eskimo village off of the west coast in the Bering Sea. I went out there last year. I am excited to go back. We’ll do VBS, women’s bible study, and youth group. THEN is Easter, and Easter evening I am flying off to Vegas (no, not to get married) for the West Coast DCE conference. Yes, I guess I am part of the West Coast. Ha.

Now do you see why March is going to be a great (and exhausting) month?!


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One response to “March… what a great month

  1. Derek

    THAT is some exciting traveling. You sure deal with the temperature extremes in your journeys… Alaska to Florida last summer, Minnesota to Wisconsin to Alaska to Vegas in the past few months… yeesh.
    It’s been too long since we’ve talked, and I will be finished with finals FINALLY in the longest hardest quarter ever in just a few more hours, so hopefully I can get a hold of you sometime this weekend or early next week. Take care, and God bless!

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