Easy like a Sunday Morning…

Whoever wrote that song didn’t work in a church. Sunday mornings are fantastic, I really do love them… but they are not always easy. There are about a million people flooding every corner of walkable space. There are styrofoam cups as far as the eye can see. Children are laughing (sometimes crying) and running in circles. Copies need to be made, microphones need to be checked, lights need to be adjusted, songs are rehearsed, lessons are reviewed, more coffee is made, and finally… the words we have been waiting to hear…

May God bless you and keep you, may he let his face shine on you and be gracious to you, make he look upon you with favor and give you HIS peace.


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One response to “Easy like a Sunday Morning…

  1. Krissa

    I believe the Commodores sang that song, or at least Lionel Richie. And that was back in the day of guys wearing platform shoes and mile high fro’s. Sunday morning is a heck of a lot easier than maintaining one of those beasts. 😉

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