Youth Ministry… what is it really all about?

I have been asking myself this question for a long time. This week, more than ever, it has been made very clear to me. Youth ministry is not about fun games, crazy events, road trips, cool equipment, a great youth room, or even the greatest bible studies around. Youth ministry is about forming relationships that will connect youth to Christ. I think we are finally starting to get it here. I think we are finally opening our eyes and seeing beyond the “razzle dazzle” and realizing that its about being real with kids and connecting them to Chirst.

Pretty simple, right? We’ll see…

Thanks God, for young people. Thanks for the challenges, the struggles, the victories, and the celebrations. Let us be the team of people that can impact youth in Fairbanks for You. Give us the heart for this ministry, show us your vision, and give us encouragement and strength to carry it out.



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3 responses to “Youth Ministry… what is it really all about?

  1. Jon Hohle

    it’s not just youth ministry that’s about forming relationships. ALL MINISTRY should be about forming relationships. i talked to my home group bible study leader about that last week, and oddly enough it was brought up friday at our study. i think it’s almost pointless to think in any other terms. if you are not building real, deep relationships in the Church, your ministry will probably be less effective then it could be.

    One of the awesome things about going to ML was that Christian growth and friendships were being developed at the same time. I didn’t really realized how valuable that was until this past week.

  2. tiapugh

    I agree… but how many ministries get it?

    I am thinking there aren’t many that are intentional about building relationships. So often its about a gimmick or about the cool things we have to offer… rather than the honest relationships that actually serve as a catalyst for the “God conversations”.

  3. Jon Hohle

    there’s usually a gimmick that’s used to get people in (a concert, free food, counseling, or even private school) and i think too many people forget that these are just attention getters, ways of getting people into the church, and not the purpose of the church.

    there’s nothing wrong with any of the above, but when there’s nothing more then that, that’s essentially what you have: nothing. any secular charity can feed the homeless or play some music. the church needs to create bonds between people that are surpassed by fleeting interests (music, food, troubled lives, etc.) . when the church does that, the Word will spread.

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