feeling better

well… here is the deal… sorry for the obscure post. i did really have a rough week. i was very busy with work and school, i think the darkness of winter really does affect me (i am willing to admit it now), i found out my dad has prostate cancer, and to top it off things just weren’t right between andy and i. he and i had a long talk that almost resulted in breaking up. i think we’ve decided to start over. its a little strange, but i’m not ready to give up. i love him too much.

the good news:

dad is doing okay… his cancer is in the very beginning stages, so it is very treatable. he has a few options. keep him in your prayers while he considers the next step. more good news, i had a great weekend at church. pastor steve kosberg was here from mankato, mn. he is an awesome guy. he led a retreat with us about transitioning into the culture of a mission church. wow. it reminded me that even though things can be difficult for me, i have hope. i have something to look forward to, to be joyful about.




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2 responses to “feeling better

  1. Jon Hohle

    sorry to hear about your dad. i’ll definitely pray for him.

    as for the we in the earlier posts, i’ve read a couple places that its a natural part of the pre-marital process. i want to say pastor klatt talked about that at his love, sex, and marriage retreat, and i’m pretty sure josh harris talks about it in one of his first two books. no matter how much you complain, people are going to do it, so don’t let it bug you. its out of your control 😉

  2. tiapugh

    uhmm… i am not sure that i care that its part of the “normal pre-martial” process… in fact i dont even know what that means. i do know that not all couples i know do it. its like the couples that “become” the other person while dating. i don’t know. i guess i have been surrounded by annoying couples lately.

    yuck. 🙂

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