Tired of "we"

I am sick and tired of crazy fools who lose their identity once they become part of a “relationship”. I am seeing it everywhere. A pastor friend of mine doesn’t even know what “I” means anymore. I think that its great that people feel so “at one” with their significant other, but really… lets not go overboard. A girl I know constantly refers to the unfortunate predicaments of her boyfriend as “our” problems. This would be like Andy going to the grocery store to buy “us” some feminine products. ITS NOT RIGHT. After marriage things change… I understand that. But that is precisely the point, you are not a “we” until that happens.

QUESTION: “Tia, would you like to go out for margaritas later?”

Appropriate Response: “I would love to, I’ll ask Andy if he wants to join us.”

Inappropriate Response: “I’m not sure what we are doing tonight, I’ll let you know.” ***

*** This inappropriate use of “we” is based on a true story, names and situations have been varied to protect the not-so-innocent.

People, be patient, and stop trying to pull off something more serious and dramatic. Feel okay about yourself before you make “you” part of someone else’s “we”.


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