God is Good.

I had the laziest day off of all time today. I slept ’til noon… watched TLC… made french toast… it was fantastic. My friend Casey is coming in tonight from Homer. She’s going to stay with me, it should be a fun weekend. Dale Meyer is coming up and leading a bible study on the Lord’s Prayer on Saturday. I’m pretty excited. He’s an incredible speaker. Should be well worth the time. Andy is down in Iowa visiting his family. He’s been even lazier than me. AMAZING.

OH! I decided that I will be going to Las Vegas at the end of March for a DCE district conference. I am totally excited because I have never been to Vegas… and because it will be a great opportunity to meet some DCE’s and get ideas for ministy. Lots of new things are going on around here, I need to be ready.

Kali should have gotten back from Nicaragua today. I can’t wait to talk with her about it!

Challenge of the day: keep the names of 5 people that need to meet Jesus in your wallet, purse or pocket. Pray for them everyday. God answers prayers!



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3 responses to “God is Good.

  1. Kortney

    Glad to hear you made it safely to Alaska. Perhaps you can come down to PHX when you are in Vegas (only an hour away by plane and cheap Southwest tickets). 😉


  2. tiapugh

    I can try… I will be out of town a lot in March… I’ll have to see if I can score extra time off. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Yuck! So fat! Please get the weight off. The lord is not happy about your sinful life. David and I will come see you next week and help you with your diet.

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