Movin’ on Up (like the Jeffersons)

Today is my last day in the Twin Cities. I’m finishing a paper, packing my stuff, and trying to get all the loose ends tied up. I have to return my laptop today, so I may not be posting for a while.

12 days

(the movers picked up my stuff today- hopefully it will get there in the next few weeks!)

Last night I went out with Leah and Jayme. It was a fun time. We did a grand tour of the Uptown/Downtown area… it was a lovely farewell. I might have to apologize to Andy today for a ridiculous late phone call. So now I’m off to spend 10 days at home (oye). We’ll see how cohesive our family is after 10 days together. Hahaha.

Well… farewell to life as I know it… I suppose everyone has to grow up someday.

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