The Sound of Baby Jesus Crying… I mean Music

I am about to embark upon my last full week of normal college life. And I must say, it feels good. I mean, I still have a bajillion things to do this week and plan on surviving via caffeine and chocolate… but it still feels good. All signs are pointing toward graduation. I’ll slip in just under a decade. Hehehe.

OKAY… this is the catastrophe of the day…

I was listening to some very fantastic, festive radio this afternoon. I was enjoying my favorite holiday classics when I heard something that made me cry inside.

I would like to start a worldwide protest against the song “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” (from The Sound of Music) as a Christmas song. It has NOTHING to do with Christmas. Its a crock. Please join me in this worthy cause… we can save future generations from ruining Christmas.

Save Christmas. Listen to songs about baby Jesus.


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