The (not-so)final countdown

(Que trumpets)

27 days left in the continental U.S.

But on to more festive things…

here is my Christmas Wish List… Santa, I hope you exist and read blogs and provide shipping!

* Sleeping bag “short” length (mummy style)

* Internal frame hiking pack (for women… small torso 12-13″)

* Digital Camara

* Sewing machine

* Mittens (the thumbs fell off of my old pair!)

* A kitten (a girl kitten… no boys allowed)

* Shrek 2 (DVD)

* Kill Bill 2 (DVD)

* Mindy Smith “One Moment More” (CD)

* Sanctus Real “Fight the Tide” (CD)

* Guster “Lost and Gone Forever” (CD)

* Jeremy Camp “Carried Me” (CD)

* Casting Crowns (CD)

* Chris Tomlin “Arriving” (CD)

That’s all for now. Hope your Advent season is kicking off well!

PS… I absolutely recommend “The Rat Pack Christmas” CD… LOVE IT



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2 responses to “The (not-so)final countdown

  1. Jon Hohle

    not to get all nit-picky, but you probably mean contiguous, as you’ll still be on the continent (California‘s the one that’s supposed to fall off into the ocean, last i heard), just not in the states that touch each other (not in that way, sicko!)

  2. tiapugh

    You are correct… they use Continetal US when referring to everything but Hawaii. Ooops. I always put AK and Hawaii together… and they are so different. Weird.

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