44 days and 44 nights

In 44 days I will officially be a resident of the state of Alaska.

44 days.

Sheesh. I’m nervous. It’s a big move. I’m definately excited to get back to Zion, but this time I have to fake being a “grown-up”. Boo. So much responsibility. Oye. I’m going to miss the city. I love Fairbanks, but I might love the Twin Cities more. Doh. But… no mountains are even close to the Cities. I guess am more concerned with the move right now.

I will be living in a super nice apartment (on the first floor of my pastor’s house). I think I’m going to pick up some new furniture from IKEA. It’s so awesome and cheap. I heart IKEA.

I think I can even get a dog. I’m hoping for a wiener dog or a beagle. Maybe I should ask for a puppy for christmas… hmmm… (note to self).


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2 responses to “44 days and 44 nights

  1. Anonymous

    you better hope that dog can pull a sled!

    what happened to the people living under your paster (PJ, right?) isn’t that quite a trek to church everyday? will he give you a ride?

    don’t worry about faking being a grown up. just pretend when you’re around other grown ups and use big words (try to use them correctly) and no one will notice. oh yeah, and pay your bills on time, otherwise someone will figure out you actually aren’t a grown up!

  2. tiapugh

    thanks for the advice… who is this?

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