wisdom of the magic 8-ball

I found the complete collection of answers to all questions via magic8ball:

Signs point to yes.


Reply hazy, try again.

Without a doubt.

My sources say no.

As I see it, yes.

You may rely on it.

Concentrate and ask again.

Outlook not so good.

It is decidedly so.

Better not tell you now.

Very doubtful.

Yes – definitely.

It is certain.

Cannot predict now.

Most likely.

Ask again later.

My reply is no.

Outlook good.

Don’t count on it.

Really… can you ask a question this thing can’t answer?

I also learned that the shape in the 8ball is an icosahedron.



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  1. Anonymous

    how come some of your posts don’t allow comments?

    i just want to comment!!?!?! is that too much to ask!>!!


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